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anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration Struct Reference

SQL database connection configuration. More...

#include <connection.hpp>

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Public Attributes

std::string driver
std::string database
std::string hostname
int port
std::string user
std::string password
std::string application

Detailed Description

SQL database connection configuration.

Parameters can not be used according to SQL database (especially for SQLite3).

Vincent Lachenal

Member Data Documentation

std::string anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration::application

Client application

std::string anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration::database

SQL database name

std::string anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration::driver

SQL connection database type

std::string anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration::hostname

SQL database hostname

std::string anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration::password

SQL database user password

int anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration::port

SQL database port

std::string anch::sql::SqlConnectionConfiguration::user

SQL database connection user

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