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anch::date::formatter::Hour12Formatter Class Reference

#include <hour12Formatter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Hour12Formatter ()
virtual ~Hour12Formatter ()
void format (const anch::date::Date &date, std::ostream &output) const noexcept
size_t getSize () const noexcept
bool setValue (anch::date::Date &date, const std::string &value) const noexcept
const std::string & getPattern () const noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from anch::date::formatter::IDatePartFormatter
virtual ~IDatePartFormatter ()

Static Public Member Functions

static IDatePartFormattergetInstance ()

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string PATTERN = "%h"

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from anch::date::formatter::IDatePartFormatter
static int32_t getYear (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setYear (anch::date::Date &date, int32_t year)
static uint16_t getMonth (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setMonth (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t month)
static uint16_t getDay (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setDay (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t mday)
static uint16_t getHour (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setHour (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t hour)
static uint16_t getMinute (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setMinute (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t minute)
static uint16_t getSecond (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setSecond (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t second)
static uint16_t getMillisecond (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setMillisecond (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t milli)
static uint16_t getMicrosecond (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setMicrosecond (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t micro)
static uint16_t getNanosecond (const anch::date::Date &date)
static void setNanosecond (anch::date::Date &date, uint16_t nano)

Detailed Description

0-11 hours formatter part

Vincent Lachenal

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Hour12Formatter::Hour12Formatter ( )

Hour12Formatter default constructor

Hour12Formatter::~Hour12Formatter ( )

Hour12Formatter destructor

Member Function Documentation

void Hour12Formatter::format ( const anch::date::Date date,
std::ostream &  output 
) const

Format date

dateThe Date to format
outputThe output stream to write in

Implements anch::date::formatter::IDatePartFormatter.

IDatePartFormatter * Hour12Formatter::getInstance ( )

Return a new instance of Hour12Formatter

A new instance of Hour12Formatter
const string & Hour12Formatter::getPattern ( ) const

Get formatter part pattern

The formatter part pattern

Implements anch::date::formatter::IDatePartFormatter.

size_t Hour12Formatter::getSize ( ) const

Get size of formatter part

The size of formatter part

Implements anch::date::formatter::IDatePartFormatter.

bool Hour12Formatter::setValue ( anch::date::Date date,
const std::string &  value 
) const

Set value to Date

dateThe Date to modify
valueThe value to set

Implements anch::date::formatter::IDatePartFormatter.

Member Data Documentation

const string Hour12Formatter::PATTERN = "%h"

The pattern

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