AnCH Framework  0.1
Another C++ Hack Framework
AnCH Framework

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AnCH framework aims to provide utility classes for most common programming features. Features are implemented to be used as simply as possible.
This framework was initially a way to test new C++ specifications (C+11) and to test C++ design patterns and tricks. So be sure to have a recent C++ compiler.
Only POSIX systems are supported for now. Others could be supported later.

Features are splitted into small libraries. Some of them are only header files :

Each library contains unitary tests which can provide a way to use it.

If you have any ideas to simplify libraries usage or if you have any request of unimplemented features, please contact me through SourceForge interface.
If you want to be involved into AnCH framework development, you can contact me be the same way.
English is not my native language, so if something is wrong in this documentation, a bug will ever be opened to correct (or complete) it. Do not hesitate to post a comment in it.

If you wandering why this guy is developing another C++ framework, the answer is: "Because I can !" ;) ... and I don't want to depends on other libraries than mine.
I have other projects (unfinished) and I wanted to share my work with these libraries which may be used with the least possible restrictions (these libraries are LGPL).


AnCH libraries have various requirements.
To use AnCH Framework in its totallity, you need:

Libraries dependencies


TODO fill this section


AnCH framework will be released with classic version numbers (A.B.C).
Until version 1.0.0 will, the backward compatibility will not be ensure. API could change on every B changes.

From version 1.0.0, the A digit will ensure that API will be backward compatible. B digit will be used for new features and C digit for bug fixes.

TODO list