AnCH Framework  0.1
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AnCH cryptography library documentation

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AnCH cryptography library aims to provide facilities for cryptography.

This library is divided in functional parts. For now parts are:

There is also some other features like HMAC which depends on hash.


You only need anch-utils library header files to compile this library.


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Every hash implementation inherits the anch::crypto::Hash class.
Hash is a template class which is parameterized by its ouput and block size. These parameters are used to other algorithms based on hash like anch::crypto::HMAC.

For now, implemented hashes are:

The SHA384 and SHA512 are optimized for 64-bits CPU. 32-bits CPU optimization isplanned for later.

Every Hash owns its context which is reset on each call.
Digest is computed on instanciation or by calling one of the Hash digest methods. Data to hash can be:

Hash result will be retrieved by calling method digest (without parameter).


Only anch::crypto::AES is implemented for now. Other alogrithms are planned for implementation (DES, Triple DES, Camellia, ...).
AES has only 2 methods:

Secret key is expanded on instanciation and is reused for each block (on each call).

Future cipher block algorithms will have similar methods to implements different cipher block mode of operation (ECB, CBC, CTR, ...) with parallelization through ThreadPool.


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