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anch::logger::LowPriorityWriter Class Reference

#include <lowPriorityWriter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 LowPriorityWriter (const std::string &fileName, const std::string &linePattern, int maxSize=0, int maxIndex=0)
 LowPriorityWriter (std::ostream *output, const std::string &linePattern)
virtual ~LowPriorityWriter ()
virtual void write (const std::string &category, const anch::logger::Level &level, const std::string &message)
void startTreatment ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from anch::logger::Writer
 Writer (const std::string &fileName, const std::string &linePattern, int maxSize=0, int maxIndex=0)
 Writer (std::ostream *output, const std::string &linePattern)
virtual ~Writer ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from anch::logger::Writer
bool rotate () const
void rotateFiles ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from anch::logger::Writer
std::ostream * _output
anch::logger::formatter::MessageFormatter _formatter

Detailed Description

File writer with QoS implementation to avoid performance lose when files are written.

Vincent Lachenal

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LowPriorityWriter::LowPriorityWriter ( const std::string &  fileName,
const std::string &  linePattern,
int  maxSize = 0,
int  maxIndex = 0 

LowPriorityWriter constructor

fileNameThe file name
linePatternThe line pattern
maxSizeThe file maximum size before file rotation
maxIndexThe maximum number of log files to keep
LowPriorityWriter::LowPriorityWriter ( std::ostream *  output,
const std::string &  linePattern 

LowPriorityWriter constructor

outputThe output to use
linePatternThe line pattern
LowPriorityWriter::~LowPriorityWriter ( )

LowPriorityWriter destructor

Member Function Documentation

void LowPriorityWriter::startTreatment ( )

Start messages queue pooling

Start messages queue poolingg

void LowPriorityWriter::write ( const std::string &  category,
const anch::logger::Level level,
const std::string &  message 

Write message in the file

categoryThe logger category
levelThe message level
messageMessage to write

Reimplemented from anch::logger::Writer.

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